The Virtual Museum of Posthumanist Art (VMPA) explores contemporary and historical work that rethinks fundamental assumptions of humanism, a belief system institutionalized in the West during the Renaissance.  Whereas humanism asserts the autonomy of human beings as individual members of an exceptional species, the art and interpretation presented here reveals how "we" are inextricably connected with other forms of life, matter, and technology in a complex community.  The VMPA also raises important questions about "the humanities" as a field of study that imposes anthropocentric categories of identity and difference.  Drawing upon recent scholarship in ecocriticism, biology, animal studies, science fiction, philosophy, and other fields, including activism, the VMPA envisions a more democratic and sustainable posthumanism.

Created by students at the College of William & Mary in 2015, the VMPA is organized into four thematic Exhibits that explore defining characteristics of posthumanism in art.  Click on "Browse Exhibits" to view the collection and read interpretive texts written by the students.

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60x103" in one panel, and 8x13 feet in three panels
Depicts 240,000 plastic bags, equal to the estimated number of plastic bags consumed around the…